Wedding wishes and Greetings

Marriages are beautiful occasions where two people and two families mix up. It’s a beautiful phase of life where you get to understand your level of cooperativeness and you get to suffer with attitude problems and adaptation to different habits. So while your sisters, friends, brothers or other’s close to you are getting hitched, it’s time for you to bless them for their wedding and life ahead. Along with gifts messages are a must to bless the bride and the groom. So here we present a list of wedding wishes and greetings for you to choose from because a beautiful wish is a true blessing.

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  1. Finally, the hunter is trapped and now I have another married friend who is now going to be behind his bride forever. Jokes apart I bless you both a happy married life and a beautiful life ahead.
  2. Wedding wish for my dear friends. You both have always been like love birds and your love is visible to all. I pray for a happy journey and a married life ahead.
  3. Wedding is a beautiful occasion and finally my sister is half way completing the vicious circle of life. May god bless you both on your big day and may this turn out to be as happy as the beautiful bond you both share. I look forward to seeing your family grow.
  4. Happy wedding! Both of you are like my best friends and just like your wonderful friendship I pray that you both remain to be like a couple of swans, serene and beautiful. All the best!
  5. I wish you both a wonderful marriage ceremony and beautiful and treasured moments of life. May all the blessings shower on the new couple.
  6. Never knew my friend would be hooked before my wedding. I still remember you both fighting all day long like children in the office, but with time things change .With all the love and happiness I wish you both a beautiful wedding and a happening and an adventurous life ahead. May the blessings of the almighty shower on you both.
  7. You two different beautiful souls are now supposed to be one single entity, a man and a woman in making. All I can wish you both is a life full of surprises, love and happiness.
  8. Congratulations to the couple. The knot is stiff and tight and just as it remains to be even both of you are going rock your love life and wishing you both a lovey dovey life ahead.
  9. To the couple, happy wedding. This is another level that has landed in your life and I know both of you and am pretty sure that you will be able to pass even this test with full marks.
  10. On the beautiful occasion of your wedding I wish you both a happy married life and a life full of happy and healthy children. May the heavenly bodies bless you both with the best. My Best wishes for sister.
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Good Night Quotes

An end to a day is never an end to life rather it is just the lapse of time which could have been utilize, but never settle for what could not be done, try each day and excel in what your heart goes for. So a night is just to review your backlash and take a look at your doings.While we wish each other good night and sweet dreams over social media we tend to wish each other with beautiful quotes and messages. So here we present you all a list of few messages you can choose from to wish your near and dear ones.




  1. A day is full of hopes and opportunities and a night is filled of dreams and plans. So have a good sleep and an enthralling night. Good night all!
  2. The day is to an end and the night is ahead. Weave beautiful dreams and sow the seeds of love and compassion. Wishing all a wonderful and deep sleep.
  3. Good night! Before you are off to bed have an insight of what you have done the whole day and don’t forget to thank the god for his blessings and love on you.
  4. Here is an end to a beautiful day and an end to another phase of hard work. May your next day turn out to be as fruitful as your beautiful and soothing night.
  5. The stars and the moon are all set to bless you with a beautiful nights and mesmerizing dreams. It is all in the hands of the almighty to let the world rest in calm and peaceful nature. Wishing all a wonderful night ahead.
  6. While you fall asleep, it is time to wish each other a beautiful night ahead and plan big for the upcoming day full of hopes and dreams. Here is to wishing all my dearly friend a lovely night and blessings for all.
  7. The sun is set and the moon is here, the sunshine is gone and the stars have gathered, the heat if off and the breeze is there, so welcome the night full of love and happiness with full arms open because there is a lot more the nature can offer. Wishing all a beautiful sleep, sweet dreams and a good night.
  8. The love of a family is immortal and never ending which is full of happy sad moments and ups and downs. So here’s wishing my near and dear ones a happy and a good night. May the almighty shower all his blessings on us and may all your dreams come true.
  9. While there is a hand at your forehead wishing you a good night, there are also blessings from the god wishing us all the same happiness, love, compassion and joy. Thank the god for all his benediction and selfless care.
  10. There is a cool breeze which is all set to make us wander in the serene skies and there’s a little darkness that is to shadow our live. With the sunset and moon rising is an end to a beautiful day and a start to a wonderful night, wishing all a very good night.
  11. Give a look to our amazing Birthday wishes
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Birthday Wishes And Greetings To Best Friend

Your best friend is like your sibling who is always there for you in your ups and downs. So when it is the celebration time for your best friend’s birthday it is important for you to do the best and plan the best surprises for him or her. Gifts are one thing but what always remains with them is trues blessings and greetings, so we have a list of wishes for your best friend which can help you to frame yours. Beautiful Birthday wishes for friends and lovely messages.

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  1. Happy birthday bestie. I know I am not there along with you to wish you birthday, but my love and blessings will always be there along with you. Sending lots of love, wishes and many more birthdays.
  2. Finally my best friend’s birthday has arrived and I am happy as hell. Finally we can do the planned dance and enjoy the bash. You have always been the best in my life and for me every day is your birthday. Enjoy!
  3. While you are bus y selecting your birthday dress, I am pissing over your party and other birthday stuff. In general every moment is a party for us, but because it’s my best friend’s birthday there’s nothing big I can do except hug her tight. I love you sweetie, happy birthday.
  4. Happy birthday best friend. So it is not just my best friend’s birthday but it is another day full of celebration and happiness. I love you bestie and here is wishing you a day full of immense happiness and joy and many such wonderful birthdays ahead.
  5. To my only prankster friend, happy birthday. May this birthday bring in you some maturity as of your age and may it turn out to be your best birthday ever.
  6. Hey ! happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday and a lot many happy birthdays. You are my best buddy and is like my brother who has always been my partner in crime. I wish you many more such crackified birthdays ahead. All the best.
  7. Happy birthday girlfriend. I girlfriend, you girlfriend make the best and the most happening duo. Finally you have crossed your teen and here we are with 15 years of a beautiful friendship with lots of love and care. I wish I could stay along with you for my whole life and then I have got to have my own big family. Happy birthday and all the love and blessings.
  8. Hey friendie happiest birthday. You are the spark to my life, chocolate to my cream and my only love. Ok now there has been so much of love in this, let me tell you how bad and irritating your habits are and how dumb it is to be your friend. Nevertheless, I know you will never change but still we will always continue to be friends forever.
  9. All the love and blessings to my best friend on the beautiful occasion of her birthday. May you be blessed with the most wonderful gifts and a lot of good wishes.


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Happy Birthday Wishes to Aunt

Your aunt is like your mother who treats you similarly as she treats her kids. Whatever be the circumstance she is a good wife, a good mother, a good daughter in law and of course a good aunt. So while she turns up another year it’s time to get into the perfect bash and celebration for her. Presents, cakes and decorations is on one side but what’s going to be the best is hearty and lovable messages for the lovely lady. So here we have a few messages you can easily choose from and let the celebration begin. Check Out Our Best Funny Birthday Wishes and messages.

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  1. Happy Birthday Aunt. Lots of love and wishes to the most beautiful lady on earth who is like a pillar for the whole family and is my sole inspiration and motivation. May god bless you with the best.
  2. Hey pretty lady, Happy Birthday! Since the day I was born I have seen you as my second mother who used to revolve around me with that motherly nature. Now it’s time that I return you your selfless love and care though it can never replace your love because it was, it is and will always be priceless.
  3. Happy birthday mom. Yes you heard it right. You are my true mother who has never made me feel the presence of a mother. I adore you and your love, care and dedication. I will always wish to god that you continue to be happy and joyous for the rest of your life.
  4. May all the blessings and wishes from the almighty shower on the most prettiest lady in the world. Since it is your birthday, a celebration is a must and a hug as well. I wish lots of love, healthy life and many more wonderful birthdays ahead.
  5. Hey aunt, happy birthday. It’s just been a month and it seems that I am away from you for a year. Whenever it’s you, it’s love and joy and you are the sole entertainer in the house of mum people. Wishing you all the love and luck this birthday.
  6. Wishing my aunt a very happening celebration and a wonderful birthday. There’s never been a day when you were not there for me, you have been my motivation to grow in my profession and will always continue to be. All I can wish on this birthday for you is a life full of happy moments and a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Happy birthday aunt. Wishing you a bouquet of happiness and a life full of surprises ahead.
  8. Hey my favorite person, happy birthday. Sending love and wishing you many more birthdays to come.
  9. People come and go but aunt lives forever like a pillar of love, selfless care and motivation. Yes the words by me truly fit the best lady in the world, my aunt. Happy birthday!
  10. Hey sexy, happy birthday. Yes! There is no better adjective that fits you well. You are my fairy and will always be. Sending love and some beautiful surprises to the heartiest lady.
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Happy Birthday Wishes to Uncle

Your uncle is another fatherly figure in the house who is like a coconut shell, he may seem to be hard but is like a melting chocolate from the core. So while the celebrations are on for his birthday wishes, greetings and blessings are the most important things except gifts and cards. So here we have a lot with a few wishes and blessings for your uncle which you can choose from and pass on to him on his special occasion.

Lovely birthday wishes


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  1. There is probably no wish, no blessing and no gift that can be presented to you on your birthday uncle, because what you have done for the whole family is like an army man giving away his life for the sake of protecting his family. Seriously your love for all of us is true and so damn visible that there is nothing I can give you except a salute. Happy birthday and I wish you a life full of peace, calmness, happiness and love. Wishing you many more years of happiness and pleasure to come.
  2. To my father, who has never made me feel the presence of both my parents. The relation with you has certainly proved that relations don’t just bond over blood relations. You are my soul and have always helped me in my ups and downs and in my worst situations. Happy birthday dad!
  3. Hey uncle, happy birthday. So when I started recognizing a person as my Uncle I always used to think that you are stern in behavior and could hit anyone anytime. But, with age maturity comes and the flipped side is surely visible to me where I am able to see that you are the most fun loving person in the world. I tend to cherish every moment I spend with you and that seems to be treasured.
  4. Finally it’s your birthday and the dooms day where you can dance on your favorite song for which you were waiting for the last so many days. At times you seem to be funny and I tend to realize that you still have that child alive inside you which is actually good to keep life going. So wishing you a wonderful life ahead with an enhancement in your humor.
  5. Lots of love and happiness to my uncle when he has finally crossed 50. Happy Birthday! It’s seems to be a win- win situation. When I was a kid, I still remember playing on your fat belly and jumping as if you were a bungee jumping device and you never scolded me for that. I feel shitty that I have grown so big and huge and now there’s no space that I can jump on. Nevertheless, the love and the bond we share is always going to be alive and I am going to preserve them like gemstones. All over again, I wish you lot many birthdays and a healthy and a wonderful life ahead. Lots of love and kisses!
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