Victoria Beckham

Victoria Adams was born on April 17, 1974, in Hertfordshire, England. Since achieving success as a pop singer in the 1990s, Beckham has become one of the most photographed women in the world. Tabloids seem to follow nearly every move that she and her husband, soccer star David Beckham make. Capitalizing on her broad exposure, Victoria Beckham has built her own brand, consisting of clothing, perfume and sunglasses.

Raised in an affluent family, Beckham started studying ballet at a young age. She pursued her interest in dance at the Laine Arts Theatre College in Surrey when she was 17. After three years there, Beckham moved to London to try to make it as a dancer. Her lucky break came when she answered an ad seeking energetic and hard-working young women in 1993.

She was a part of the Spice group created by Chris Herbert, which constituted of 5 girls in total and each had a signature name in the group. They released their debut album, Spice, in 1996 and reached the top of American charts with the catchy dance-pop song “Wannabe” the following year. The follow-up single, “Say You’ll Be There,” climbed as high as number three on the Billboard 200 chart.


Victoria Beckham’s dieting secrets…..

Dieting plans have these days become a common thing that has to be followed by each and everyone in order to maintain a great body and have sumptuous look. Following a strict diet for a week or hitting a gym for a month is something that will help you maintain your body just for a while and to get a great figure let’s have a look into Victoria Beckham’s life secrets.

Victoria has got a lean and slender body figure, for which it is believed that her high protein consumption is the main reason. Her basic reason for a high protein diet is that it is like an all rounder and maintains the whole body from head to toe that is it helps hair, skin and nails grow well and healthy.

Her diet includes a lot of beans, lentils, egg whites, fish, poultry chicken and wheat. Also she has a wide cut down on salt content in order to reduce iodisation problems like acne and scars. Whenever you will observe her you will come to know that she consumes a lot of raw fruits and that increases the water content of your body and helps in purification of body fluids.


Besides all this she is a big fan of athletics and that she ensures that she does her daily routine exercises in the day time without gulping even a small meal, because mornings are considered to be the best time when you can shed the largest of the weight possible and do as many exercises possible. So here was an insight into Victoria Beckham’s daily diet chart and exercise routine that tells how easy and at the same time jovial it is to exercise and keep oneself fit and fine with the ongoing routine. We really think that instead of just exercising you can even go for random things like yoga, sports or even a simple walk. Also, the fact that going to a gym helps you reduce your weight is not to be followed blindly because even exercising at home can help shed a lot of weight.